Sit-Asana (or how to undo the sitting woes)

A friend recently asked for some help with a recurring hip issue. She runs, she swims, she's even started a Yoga practice. So we talked about her physio's report together & about her Yoga practice & her treadmill running & I then gave her some general asana tips.

It was only much later that day that I remembered that I'd neglected to bring up the 'S' Factor. Yes, our collective arse-glued to car-seat, work chair, bus-seat, train-seat, couch & dinner-chair-ITIS!

Even if we are getting our recommended minimum daily exercise, that alone cannot undo the health & physical impacts of too much sedentary time.

We still need to unglue our behinds from their cosy cocoons every 30 mins or so, even if it's just to get up & stroll over to the office window or water-cooler, have our coffee break standing up in the canteen or outside; walk up & down the stairs a few times; pretend

you've lost the remote control at home & physically get up to change the channel (does anyone know how to do that using the actual TV set anymore? & if you're a TV-less person like me & just use the laptop - we don't even need to get up at all!).

Even just invoke the House of Pain & get up & JUMP AROUND!

Apart from that, what else helps Yoga-wise? Hip-flexor work - work in say Crescent Lunge, Navasana (Boat Pose) & Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I) as well as Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose) into your home practice (along with your own usual appropriate warm-ups & Savasana).

Namaste & so get out your seat & jump around... ;-)

Liagh x

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