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Is this you at work sometimes? Or some of your colleagues or staff? We've all been there. Had those particularly demanding & frustrating moments or even days where the busyness & natural stresses of our work environment lead us to perhaps feeling like we're at screaming point (hopefully just on the inside).

Those kinds of feelings are our natural, initial & very human responses to stressors. What's important is how we choose to respond; how we choose to react & act. A busy, challenging & rewarding job does not have to equate to negative stress & burnout; it is possible to both look after yourself as well as your job, your clients, your career.

When we're feeling under pressure, we may sometimes feel like we're under siege; the old primal but powerful 'fight or flight' response & also the 'freeze & retreat' reaction. Building resilience in the face of adversity is one of our best aids in managing our responses better & thereby having a more enjoyable, fulfilling & productive time at work.

Yoga can be a tremendously beneficial practice in helping us build this resilience. As a Mind-Body exercise, it works on multiple levels to guide us into a more mindful appreciation of the present moment, both within us & around us. Concentrating on the breath, especially on the 'relaxation response' that longer exhales help trigger, can deeply assist us in moving away from anxiety & tension & into calm & ease.

Yogic breathing & asanas also vitalise & energise, acting as a real 'pick-me-up' boost for the rest of the day & the evening ahead. Yoga further helps us at work by enhancing our concentration levels & helping us keep a clear, calmer head, reducing anxiety & increasing both our mental clarity & presence of mind & crucially, it also boosts our ability to be creative, a trait much in demand in today's ever-complex & changing workplace.

On a physical level, beginning your day in a centred & relaxed frame of mind & in a state of physical ease can set you up for a great work day.

Taking a mini-break too from the desk, phone & chair & engaging in some targeted & helpful poses can help ease neck, shoulder, wrist, back & hip tension & help avoid building up longer-term aches & pains. Just recently Ryan Homes, CEO of Hootesuite wrote about the benefits of exercise & particularly Yoga in the workplace.

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