Have you taken your Vitamin Y?

Ahhhh if only Yoga came in Vitamin form eh? Who wouldn't pop one daily?

A little tablet that would offer us deep relaxation, better joint health, inner quiet, muscular strength, serenity, improved flexibility, mindfulness, an enhanced immune response, meditative flow, resilience in the face of adversity - & those are just some of the many & real benefits of a Yoga practice.

In the absence of a magic Vitamin ‘Y’, we have our mats. We have our practice. We have our regular Yoga classes where we share & grow our practice together. It can be easy though to let competing interests or vague ‘busy-ness’ get in the way of our intentions; ummm Netflix binging (anyone else or just me?!), or maybe work-induced lethargy & even just the winter weather keeping us from our practice & class. And like having Vitamins in the cupboard but not actually taking them, having a Yoga mat under the bed gathering dust or a Class Pass going out-of-date is of no use to us! We must commit. We must, like The Dude in the Big Lebowski, abide.…

So. We must practice… if we are to keep experiencing & relishing & benefitting from all the good that, deep in our hearts, our minds & our bones, we KNOW our Yoga does for us.

Perhaps it IS possible to think of Yoga as our Vitamin ‘Y’ - after all, popping a multi or Vitamin C or D tablet is just a habit, isn’t it? A bit like brushing & flossing? A bit like making sure we stretch our legs & walk or run, hike or cycle, row or dance to get & keep our cardiovascular systems healthy, revving & well.

So let’s go; let's get into the Yoga flow, get on your mat, get to class & keep the Yoga habit.

Pop that Vitamin Y & reap over time the myriad benefits. Take comfort in knowing that little by little, the more you stick with this Yoga habit, the further you continue with your practice, not only will keeping that habit get easier but staying the course, abiding with your Yoga, continuing on will bring you so much more than any synthetic Vitamin pill ever could.

Om Shanti


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