New Year, New you? Pah! 'Om' to that...

Are we all over it yet? The resolutions, the make-over plans, the googling detoxes & diets?! Maybe we need to wait for 'Little Christmas' on January 6th for the post-festive season guilt-trip & mental hair-shirt wearing feelings to abate.

I'm not immune to it either; how can any of us be when every radio show, news item & Insta-pic is full of exhortations to make 2017 YOUR BEST EVER YEAR OF YOU! Usually with several more exclamation points than that.

It's exhausting - if you let it be that is.

Frankly, early January is hard enough already.

Many of us may have spent too much, ate too

much, drank too much, tv-ed too much;

indulged in all the naughty (but nice?!) too-muchs basically. And balanced those perfectly with the too-littles; too little exercise, too little fresh air, too little fruit'n'veg - you get the gist. Most of us are just back or about to go back to work, college, real life. It's still dark & it's just turned mighty cold this week. Plus those bank statements & credit cards bills are going to drop heavily on the door-mat or into the Inbox soon & pay-day is a loooooooong way away. Sigh. It's enough to make you jump under the duvet & howl.

Drama aside, what can we do to energise ourselves a little & make the best of the first month of the new year? It doesn't have to be either manic do-over martyrdom or doom & gloom futility-filled grumpiness. We can navigate a gentler middle road. Most of us know already what it is we need to do to feel good; calling a friend for a chinwag or meeting for a coffee is fun, affordable & doable; going for a walk with your partner or four-legged pal is free & fun; switching from the heavy decadent Christmas fare to some delicious soups, warm winter salads & vegetable curries is actually a joy after straining the digestive system to its (incredible!) limits. Having a home tidy-out while listening to some decent tunes will make us feel better about our living space; maybe you could even make enough space to be able to lay out the Yoga mat for a nice 15-minute gentle home practice??! Just a thought.

My two recurring thoughts/ideas (NOT resolutions!) for myself this coming year are centred in & around patience & kindness. I know for sure I struggle with the former & we all know we can do with infinitely more of the latter in our lives. So, maybe we can all be kind to ourselves in these first few weeks of January 2017; knowing it takes patience to undo our indulgences & knowing that we will be far more successful in our aims for a healthy & more contented life if we take a balanced approach.

Wishing you the very best for the year ahead - stay well & keep turning up on your mat.



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