Begin. Again.

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

“Wherever you are is the entry point.”

― Kabir

It’s not many weeks where, in our own direct circle of family & friends, a birth, a death & a wedding-related event all occur. A friend had her hen party, the father of a friend died & a former colleague & friend gave birth to her first baby. All events that happen every day, to millions of people around the world but to the individuals involved, all so very poignant & very personal.

Those particular three events, happening in & around me, got me thinking about beginnings, about starting over, about venturing into the unknown. These same three events coincided with my Yoga classes starting back after the Easter break, with a brand-new Beginners class & a ‘continuing-on’ Beginners class, as well as my other regular classes.

Starting something new,

...stepping into a new world so often plunges us into anxiety & stress; we’re largely creatures of habit & many of us crave the known, the routine, the familiar. But we’re also more brave than we know or acknowledge - bringing a new little human being into the world, standing alone on our own two feet without a loved one for the first time or entering tremulously into a big commitment like marriage. Even committing to a new Yoga class can give us cause for pause - will I be ‘any good’, will I be able to ‘keep up’, will I ‘get it’?

At some point, we all need to take a deep breath, believe in ourselves & just forge ahead. There is no certainty in life; we simply have to believe that making change, that trying something new (or even trying something again), that committing to something positive will, over time, help us reap the rewards from that very commitment that seems so uncertain right now.

What encourages us to dive in, to keep going?

What helps the hurt person, the person who has been let down in love before, take big, bold steps into a new love?

What entices the apprehensive person, the person who tried Yoga before & didn’t feel ‘good’ at it, step up & try again?

What is it that enables the person who has been betrayed still feel able to forgive, move on & be open to new friendships, new relationships?

Hope. Optimism. Resilience.

Whatever particular term we use, there is a spirit, a spark within us that, when tended to, when listened to gets us ‘over ourselves’ & emboldens us to reach out to the world, to take a step towards what is good & true & nourishing.

Over this coming May bank holiday weekend, tend to your ‘spark’; see what lifts you, what connects you to the world outside, to the people around you. Nurture that spark. Trust in your own good instincts. Be brave. And see where it takes you.

Begin again.

Om Shanti

Yoga Lili x

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