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Did you take part in the Irish Runner 5-miler in the Phoenix Park yesterday? What a day for it! 26 degrees is no picnic to run in so well done everyone who took part & to all those who both supported the event & volunteered/organised it.

You runners might be well today be nursing some sore/dehydrated muscles as well of course as sporting a big happy grin at your achievement. If you're planning on running #dublinmarathon2017, now is the time to really be seriously thinking about & planning your whole training regime.

It's very easy to fall into the trap of thinking we just need to run. But adequate sleep, wholesome & helpful nutrition, good hydration, proper rest & recovery are all vital too; on top of the very important 'getting the miles into the legs' part naturally. Cross-training, whether it be cycling, lifting weights at the gym or Yoga, is also a crucial part of a well-rounded training regime.

Why run & practice Yoga?

Yoga is now recognised as one of the very best methods there is for cross training & recovery for runners (as well as triathletes & other athletes too). With so many different kinds of Yoga & places to practice now, you should be easily able to find a way to tailor Yoga to your needs as the months of marathon training whizz by.

But time can be an issue; with work & family commitments, it can be hard enough to get your 'bare essential' actual running training in, let alone having time to maybe catch up with friends AND then squeeze in cross-training at the gym &/or attend weekly Yoga classes.

So if that sounds like ‘Time-Pressed You’, don’t stress; these four "Yoga for Runners" workshops have got you covered. Each workshop will, in once-a-month sessions, give you the grounding you need to help see you through the home stretch & hopefully, get you fired up to try some home Yoga practice.

The plan? A series of targeted Yoga workshops to help keep you supple, strong & relaxed throughout your Dublin Marathon (or other Autumn marathon) training.

This series of "Yoga for Runners" Workshops will, in each workshop, provide you with Yoga fundamentals to support & complement your marathon (or triathlon) training. Each will include core strength, balance work, strength training, breath control & mental focus. These are all part of a well-rounded Yoga practice.

In each workshop we’ll ‘travel around the body’; one workshop will focus on the hips & glutes, another on neck, shoulders & arms, another on the legs & feet, another on core strength & finally, all will include deep relaxation, Yogic breathing (Pranayama) & visualisation, with special emphasis on this latter area in the final workshop before the BIG DAY.


Where: Civil Service GAA Clubhouse, Islandbridge, Dublin 8

When: Saturday 2:30pm to 4:30pm (see specific dates below).


  • Workshop 1 - Sat 22nd July (Fingal 10k is the day after - Sun 23rd)

  • Workshop 2 - Sat 19th Aug (Frank Duffy is on the following week, 26th Aug)

  • Workshop 3 - Sat 16th Sept (Dublin Half-Marathon is on the following week, 23rd Sept)

  • Workshop 4 - Sat 14th Oct (Dublin Marathon is two weeks later on Sunday 29th Oct…WOOHOO!)

  • How much: €30.00 per workshop. Must be signed up for & paid for in advance.

  • What to bring: a Yoga mat (if you have one). Dress in loose/comfortable clothing that you can easily move in.

  • Special offer: 4-Workshop Package available for €105.00 BEFORE July 14th.

Get in touch via e-mail to to enquire and/or enrol. Space is limited.

Happy running & Namaste


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