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Berrylicious Super Smoothie

This recipe came up in our post- "Yoga for Runners & Athletes Workshop" discussion on Saturday afternoon. Well discussion really meant us sitting around eating delicious lil protein balls - everyone sure earned them after nearly 3 hours of Yoga in fairness! The recipe for those lil babies is here by the way - enjoy 😀.

I love this smoothie, especially at this time of year - the atypical recent heat here in Ireland can really put paid to any cooking plans. But it's still important that we eat nutritious & delicious foods, whether we are training for the #dublinmarathon2018 or just ensuring that we are eating well for life. This packs in berries, fruit, protein, hydration, vitamins, minerals - just about the kitchen sink really. And like all 'everyday yoga ie' recipes, you can adjust & sub & swap to suit your own tastes & dietary needs.



2 x cups organic Milk*

1 x cup plain full-fat Greek Yoghurt**

1 x frozen Banana, chopped up

1/2 cup x frozen Blueberries***

1/2 cup each of your favourite fruit, frozen (e.g., organic Strawberries, Blackberries, Mango, Pineapple - just think about what goes well with what & what you actually like!)

2 tbsp. Peanut Butter****

1 tsp Ground Cinnamon

1 tbsp. of “LSA” or Flaxseed Oil or 1 tbsp. Flaxseed meal *****

Ice-Cubes (optional)

To sweeten (optional but remember, some frozen berries aren’t all that sweet or 100% ripe when picked):

1 x tsp of Honey (local Irish if you can, expensive but worth it) or Maple Syrup if vegan

1 x tsp of Vanilla Extract (not essence which is a manky cheap synthetic sub for the real thing)

Combine all the ingredients in a large beaker & blend using a Stick Blender until smooth. You want this to be nice & thick - so that it feels almost like you’re eating it, rather than thin.

Serve immediately after blending - this is best consumed as fresh as possible for ultimate goodness & nutrition.

This does make quite a big batch (for you runners out there, I’d have 1/3 of this at least 45 mins pre-run & the other 2/3 straight in the door post-run, after rehydrating with water first of course!).

If keeping some for later use, put into a clean sealed glass jar straightaway & either refrigerate or freeze (remember to leave at least an inch of unfilled space as liquid expands when frozen). I use old Bonne Maman jam-jars & actually get 3 serves out of this recipe - but I freeze mine to keep as much goodness as possible.

Ingredient Notes/Suggestions:

  • *I use either full-fat organic dairy milk OR Koko Dairy Free’s full-fat Coconut milk. Koko is the only non-dairy milk I’ve tried (& I think I have tried ‘em all) that tastes great & also has the mouth-feel of dairy milk. You can of course use oat, rice, soy or almond milk - whatever rocks your milk boat. You could also substitute half fruit juice & half-water but watch sugar levels. Plus doing this will change the consistency of the smoothie. Always good to have options.

  • ** I use either Glenisk plain full-fat Greek OR Koko’s Coconut yoghurt - again use your own plain yoghurt of choice. Fruit yoghurts often have added sugar in addition to the natural sugar already in BOTH the fruit & the yoghurt - so that's a wee bit too much sugar.

  • *** Try & get frozen WILD Blueberries if you can - you won’t believe their amazing colour but more important, they are higher in those vital antioxidants called flavonoids, especially anthocyanins. They’re also a great source of fibre.

  • **** Has to be Crunchy PB always for me but sub in smooth if that’s your preference or say Almond Butter. Just watch quantities especially if adding in LSA below too - nuts & seeds are great sources of protein & essential vitamins like Vitamin E but they’re also potent little sources of calories - so just take it handy with quantities. More is not better!

  • ***** Fibre steadies the absorption of carbohydrates & therefore contributes to steadier blood sugar levels. So it’s best to use the Flaxseed meal if you can (i.e., ground flax seeds, which contain both the oil & the fibre). ‘LSA’ is short for Linseed, Sunflower Seeds & Almonds - Linseed is simply another name for Flaxseed. I grind my own mix of Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Flax Seeds & either Almonds or Walnuts. I keep this in the fridge in a big glass jar & throw it into smoothies, porridge, granola, homemade protein balls, over fruit etc. Much cheaper, tastier & fresher than those pre-ground small bags that come in manky plastic pouches too.

For additional carbs, say after a Long Slow Run & you need to restore glycogen levels pronto, add in a tablespoon of organic Oats & for additional fibre, or if you don't mind a ‘nuttier’ texture, add 1 tbsp. or more of either Pinhead Oats (aka Steel-Cut Oats) or Oat Bran.

For additional protein, say after a strenuous Hills or Speed work session or strength session at the gym, you could add additional protein by way of a scoop of your favourite Protein Powder or say Silken Tofu (it tastes bland so doesn’t alter the taste much). Some people advocate adding a raw egg - I just can’t do that myself but you work away! As long as you know it’s ok for you eat raw eggs health-wise (anyone with an altered immune system shouldn’t & IF you do add a raw egg, wash it well beforehand & make sure it’s organic.) I think there’s MORE than enough protein in the basic recipe above, especially if you are using dairy milk & yoghurt, adding in the nut butter AND the seeds.


And let me know if YOU have any particular smoothie tweaks or favourite recipe tips - it’s always good to try something new or even just a twist on an existing recipe.

Namaste, happy running & see you on your Yoga mat soon.

Yoga Lili x

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