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Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Happy November 1st Yoga people! And what a first day it is too - stunning sunshine all day long so far & that gorgeous late Autumn crispness too. I LOVE this weather. It is in fact my favourite time of year to RUN. Anything below 9 degrees & I'm a happy camper, the lower the better though ❄️😀 (I reckon it's my Viking ancestry, that or I was a Husky Dog in a former life 🐶😉). It is just such CLEAN weather & so invigorating too.

After my October #Welltober quest, I've reignited my running mojo. Right now, I still can't run far or fast (& I was never fast to begin with!) or even very continuously (as in day after day) after the damage to my hip in the bike accident a good long while ago. BUT! I must do what I can, when I can - my happiness & health (physical & mental & even emotional) depend on it. So the lil November (unofficial, there won't be daily posts this time!) self-challenge is to make it a Move-ember month (a crafty pre-Christmas Creepage plan really... 😬) - even one mile of very slow running will suffice. Something is always better than nothing & I'm now officially 100% fed up of not running.

I just read an article in the New York Times titled

"Being Fit May Be as Good for You as Not Smoking: A new study found a strong correlation between endurance & living a long life". Click the photo above to read it. In short, it's about a study on fitness, endurance & health. As always, there are all kinds of caveats & potential study 'compromises' but basically

“So I think we can say, based on this study & others, that it is a very good idea to exercise if you hope for a long & healthy life.” (- Dr. Wael Jaber, the study’s senior author & a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine.)

So what would YOURS be? What extra doable daily movement could you add in right now? You know my personal recommendation naturally would be to get on your Yoga mat (or towel or rug or carpet!) at home for even 10 mins a day. Other ideas could be:

* Get Out On A Weekly Sunday Hike?

* Bike & Buy Your Veggies at a Market?

* Walk To Work?

* Take The Stairs at Work & At Home?

* Join A (Swing/Salsa/Tango) Dance Class?

* Add Some Weight Lifting Into Your Wellbeing Routine?

Moving on...

Just a quick word of C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S to all you #dublinmarathon2018 runners. Super well done! Whether it was your first or your 21st or somewhere in-between, YOU DID IT. You have the medal, the t-shirt, the stories, the glory, the camaraderie, the memories & the aches & pains 🏃🏾‍♀️. And... Maybe the desire to do it all over again! BUT.

Please first REST & RECOVER. Often, there's a real lull after, especially if it's your first - you've suddenly got loads of time back on your hands & might feel a bit lost. Your immune system will also have taken a hit from all the training & your race efforts; literally your body may well feel 'depressed' right now & maybe the head a bit too. This is completely N O R M A L. So, take it easy. Have some fun. And then, maybe in two weeks time or even three, have a lil slow short run & gently ease back into it. There'll be some special classes for runners starting up in the New Year so stay tuned...

Neal's Yard Remedies - Remedies to Roll

Some of you asked me about the Room Sprays & Remedies to Roll that I use in class. If you click on the image above, it'll take you to the site where you can see the full range & prices.

I have a few bits & bobs available for purchase:

* Relaxation Remedy to Roll - 3 in stock (the one I often use at the beginning of class)

* Energy Remedy to Roll - 3 in stock (the one I often use at the end of class)

* Nighttime Remedy to Roll - 2 in stock

* Calming Room Spray - 1 in stock

* Balancing Room Spray (the one I use at the GAA Clubhouse ALL the time!) - 1 in stock

* Goodnight Pillow Mist - 2 in stock

Great self-gifts! Great stocking fillers. Great house-warming presents or a thoughtful present to give to someone going through a hard time. All organic. All gorgeous.

E-mail me if you're keen on the above or just order online by clicking the picture above.

NOV/DEC CLASSES & Festive Season... 🎅

Most of you will have had this update from me by now, either in class, via the WhatsApp Broadcast List or the turbo-quick Shoutout earlier this week.

The last 6-Week Courses all resume from next Tuesday Nov 6th.

They take us through to Saturday December 15th. That is the last day of class for 2018.

We all know how mad December gets so it's a good date to finish up.

Speaking of madness, to help get away from it awhile & unwind, there's a lovely relaxing Afternoon Workshop on that last day too; that's Saturday December 15th.

"ReTREAT, Renew, Relax Workshop" in aid of the Irish Cancer Society - check it out.

Click on Santa & crew above to take you to the booking system to enrol in your new 6-Week Course, the Workshop or get a new Class Pass now.

Delighted to have had some of you already ask when we restart! Again, being practical, we'll start back the week beginning Monday 14th January.

A lot of people will be travelling, either locally or internationally for Christmas/New Years & a lot of people have kids so there's that initial January back-to-school madness.

And, also there's very simply that post-Christmas 'can-I-get-off-the-couch' feeling too 😀.

On that note, please ensure you use up your current Class Passes. There will be NO CARRY-OVER into 2019. If you're on an Unlimited Class Pass, once classes finish up, I'll be pausing your Passes til the New Year.

*** Public Service Announcement - I apologise (just a little) for the above photo -

I do know it's only November 1st... But sure... ☺️ ***

Have a great rest-of-week; look forward to seeing some of you on Saturday morning.

Keep on moving on...

Om Shanti

Yoga Lili x

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