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Black Forest BreakFast Bombs

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

You asked. I have listened! Here’s the recipe for the Black Forest Breakfast Bombs. We enjoyed these together at the very recent 'ReTreat, Renew, Relax' Afternoon Fund-Raising Workshop (by the way, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who donated throughout this year, through summer Karma Yoga, the recent Workshop, the Round Tower Outdoor Yoga - target of €1,000 for the Irish Cancer Society was met & indeed, exceeded - YAY YAY HURRAY!).

So back to our treats! These are fab mid-morning or mid-afternoon with a cuppa. Especially at this time of year; it’s nice to have something small, something yum, something a lil sweet & indulgent but also ideally (relatively!) healthy. Balance in all things…

These little homemade ‘energy’ balls are so easy to make & don’t involve any ‘cooking’. Try with a strong cup of black coffee mid-morning or a cup of Earl Grey, green tea or your brew of choice in the afternoon. The only ‘sugar’ in these is whatever is in the Chocolate Chips (very little in 70% dark) & the glacé cherries.

Filled with protein from the seeds & nuts, good fats again from the seeds & nuts, antioxidants from the cherries & nuts (walnuts contain massive amounts of antioxidants) & of course also from the chocolate, & then also fibre & slow-release carbs from the oats - really, these goodies are CHOC-a-BLOCK with goodness ;-)

One may just not be enough…But do share! It’s the time of year after all…🎄


*170g of Raw Skin-On Almonds or Walnuts

*100g Dried or Glacé Morello Cherries - roughly chopped by hand, not too small (make sure they’re pitted or you’ll likely break your mixer & the pits sure won’t add to the flavour!). Do NOT use fresh or tinned cherries - the former are too tart, the latter are too moist & usually too sweet.

*80-100g Oats (smaller sized, not instant & not jumbo but as you’re blitzing, just use jumbo if that’s what you have to hand)

*2 Tablespoons Cacao Nibs (I use TrueFoods, an Irish company)

*2 Tablespoons Iswari Macaccino Dark (optional - this is a powder combo of Carob, Maca & Lucuma, an energising, warming & nutritional powder)

*2 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder (you can use Raw Cacao powder if you like)

*100g of either Dark or Milk Chocolate Chips (or chunks)

*1 Tablespoon Pumpkin Seeds

*1 Tablespoon Sunflower Seeds

*1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract (NOT the synthetic ‘essence’)

*1/2 to 1 Teaspoon Cinnamon (or more if you really like cinnamon)

*Additional Cocoa Powder for after rolling/decorating.


Step 1

Soak the Cherries in a little boiling water in a small bowl for c. 10 mins.

Drain & set aside the liquid - you will need this.

Step 2 (Optional but very nice)

Roast the Almonds (or Walnuts) on a baking tray for c. 10 minutes at 160 degrees Celsius (do not be tempted to turn the heat up higher to speed this up; higher heat degrades the good fats in the nuts & will spoil the flavour to boot).

Time & monitor them too - depending on your oven, nuts will turn from toasty & yum to burnt & acrid very quickly.

You also 'toast' the nuts instead by dry-frying - again be super-vigilant they don't burn.

Step 3

Blitz the roasted Almonds (or Walnuts) in your mini (or usual) food processor; you’re after a rough but fine enough texture. Don’t turn them into powder - you want some crunch/texture in the final ‘bombs’ & there’s more blitzing ahead.

Add the seeds, the oats, both the Cocoa & Macaccino powders & blitz briefly to combine. Again, very much avoid a too-fine powder-like result.

Add in the Chocolate chips now - only blitz very briefly to ensure they’re dispersed throughout the mixture (only use chunks if you want big hits of chocolate - & who doesn’t sometimes?!).

Now add the drained chopped Cherries, along with the Vanilla Extract & SOME of the reserved Cherry ‘liquid’ from Step 1 above. Start with a scant 1-2 tablespoons of the cherry liquid.

Only blitz in 10 second intervals - you don’t want mush or too wet a mixture. Be careful not to overwork the engine of your small food processor. Let it it rest for 30 seconds in-between each blitz (you can practice your Yoga breathing in-between…)

Keep an eye on the consistency; if too ‘thick’ & very ‘stuck’ looking, add a little more of the Cherry Liquid - you’re after a dense, sticky but somewhat moveable consistency.

It should be easy to remove from the processor with a spatula but not remotely sloppy or ‘liquid-ey’.

Remember in any cooking, you can add but you sure can’t take away!

Step 4

Using a soup spoon as a rough ‘serving’ size, ladle out a small amount & by hand, compact the mixture just a little (basically squeeze, gently squash it together). Then using your palms together, roll into balls (they do not need to be perfect). Place them on a baking or parchment paper lined board or baking sheet as you shape them. I get about 15-18 balls out of this mixture - you can make them smaller or bigger (but not too much bigger as they are filling & they also look kind of odd & off-putting if too big!).

Unless you have a very large & strong food processor, do not be tempted to double the mixture to make more. You need to do separate batches if you want to make more.

Step 5 (Optional but nice).

Finally, using a mini-sieve (or an old fashioned tea-strainer) dust with some more cocoa powder or do half & half - some plain, some not.

You can even 'dress them up' by popping them into (eco-friendly!) petit fours cases. Doing this makes them easier to eat & also will make it a little easier to store or transport them if you’re treating friends, family or co-workers.

Store in an airtight container & keep in the fridge (if they last…) for up to a week. Remember with the fats in the nuts, they won’t keep forever.

Enjoy & Om Shanti

Yoga Lili x

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