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Neal's Yard Remedies Online

I’ve used a variety of natural & organic skincare products for years now; always seeking
a more balanced lifestyle, on & off the Yoga mat.

A dear friend gave me a Neal’s Yard Hamper for my birthday some years ago; 6 months later another lovely
friend gave me the fab Neal’s Yard Travel Remedies to Roll Essential Oil set.

I’ve been hooked ever since & incorporate their products into my self-care routine now -
skin, hair, feet, my home, gifts for friends & family - you name it!

I use the beautiful & potent organic Essential Oils & Remedies to Roll in my Yoga classes; the ‘Relax’
Remedy to Roll in particular as well as both the Balancing & Calming Room Sprays.

I love lighting the Aromatherapy Candles at home. Such a sensorial treat;
uplifting, relaxing, beautiful & natural, eco-friendly & organic.  

Yoga to me is an ‘everyday’ kind of practice; something attainable to us all, even when we only have
time for a few minutes of slow deeper breathing & some gentle stretches.

Essential oils & aromatherapy are also beautiful attainable enhancements to our everyday lives;
a candle lit here; a Room Spray spritzed there; a beautiful comforting foot cream after a
long day, bike ride or run; a nourishing day cream to combat the cold winter's effects on our
biggest & most fragile organ - our skin.
Try Yoga. Try Neal’s Yard Remedies. Maybe even try them together & see what they can do for you. 
Om Shanti

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