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Get your Cowface on Yogis!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

CowFace aka Gomukhasana

We practiced this asana in 3 different ways outside together in one of our late Autumn Monday Community Yoga classes.

I do love playing around with & adapting asana. Seeing if there’s a way of making a pose that bit more ‘ok’ for where we are now with our practice.

Cowface stretches the ankles, hips & thighs, shoulders, armpits & triceps - so many different parts of the body. So there really is quite a lot going on with Cowface.

It’s not a pose to be rushed into or out from. Take your time. Ease into it. Maybe try 'evening out' your seat (settling your sitting bones) with a blanket or two under the bottom.

It can be practised in different ways. One-legged or two. Including a forward-fold aspect or not.

Using a strap for the upper body or not. Doing an arms-only version in a totally different standing pose - like say Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I). Or doing the lower-body only in a moving upper-body strengthening version on All-4’s; something I learned from the internationally-acclaimed & truly amazing Yoga teacher, Donna Farhi.

There are so many different ways to bring the Yoga to us - to our bodies & energy as they are now, rather than trying to squeeze ourselves into some ‘mandated’ shape. This way of practising is accessible Yoga; really it is, at its heart, 'true 'Yoga.

Being mindful, being fully present, noticing what's going on, adapting and varying, being flexible with our practice, not just flexible because of our practice - they're very different things.

Book in now to one of the In-Person or Online/On-Demand classes & explore poses in new and/or different ways.

Mondays - Community Yoga - 9:00am

Mondays - Gentle Yoga - 6:30pm

Wednesdays - Into & Back To Yoga - 6:30pm

Saturdays - Mellow Yoga Flow - 9:00am

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