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Hello there Yogis

Happy St Patrick's Day ☘️ to you & I am also wishing you a great night's sleep!

Why? Well because coincidentally, today, March 17th, happens to be WORLD SLEEP DAY😴.

World Sleep Day (WSD) is an annual celebration of sleep & call to action on important sleep issues organized by World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society

Getting a good night's sleep is crucial for all aspects of our health; there are literally no parts of us that don't benefit from waking up feeling rested & ready to take on our day ahead.

I was listening this week to the wonderful audio version of Bill Bryson's great non-fiction book "The Body" & his section on sleep was incredibly interesting. There is so much science still does not know about sleep but we sure all know how it feels to not get a good night's sleep.

Getting good sleep could add years to your life, study suggests Researchers found that young people who have better sleep habits are less likely to die early.

From the Irish Examiner:

"Getting good sleep could see men live almost five years longer, & women more than two years longer, than men & women who sleep badly, new research suggests. Sleeping well can play a role in supporting heart & overall health, & according to the new study, it may even impact how long you live. Researchers found that young people who have better sleep habits are less likely to die early. They say the findings indicate simply getting enough sleep is not good enough, & that the quality of sleep has an important role to play. I think these findings emphasise that just getting enough hours of sleep isn’t sufficient." Practices such as Yoga & meditation help, not eating too late helps, reducing our screen time well before lights out helps, darkness in our bedrooms helps.

And so too does what is called good 'sleep hygiene'. Creating a regular 'routine' really does help set us up for a good night's sleep. Going to bed & waking up at the same time, every day, including weekends (yes, I know, yikes!) is part of this. As is having a cool temperature in our bedrooms, sleeping in cotton rather than synthetic sheets, & also tidyness/cleanliness too.

So, creating a small sense of ritual helps; our bodies, heads & hearts basically like & thrive upon 'routine'.

Part of my own winding-down-for-bed routine is using the Goodnight Pillow Mist

(I think nearly every close friend of mine has been gifted this by me at some point!) & also using the lovely Comfrey & Mallow Foot Balm foot cream too.

Sometimes I'll take a bath when I am extra extra tired on the physical front, to release tension from hardworking muscles. When I do, I use the Beauty Sleep Foaming Bath & follow it up with the matching Body Lotion.

I also adore the Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath - a great one for those of you who are keen gardeners, the runners amongst you or anyone whose work is outside or you work with your body a lot.

To mark World Sleep Day, NYR have 15% off quite a few of their lovely specific Sleep range but some other items too. They are also gifting FREE their Beauty Sleep Foaming Bath*when you spend £50 / €57.50. Please remember that prices are net of VAT; VAT & clearance need to be paid on delivery.

Finally, there's also a really lovely offer on the Sleep Wellbeing Showcase Collection, maybe for yourself or someone special in your life. It equates to 30% off.

Wishing you a lovely long weekend & a great night's sleep, tonight & every night....

Om Shanti Liagh EveryDay Yoga Ireland


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