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Beginning Yoga - What Class To Try?

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Help on deciding which Yoga class to sign up for.

Gentle Yoga? Yoga For All?

Read on...

You've decided to finally try this Yoga malarkey!

Good for you.

Coming to class for the first time can feel a bit daunting.

We've all been there.

Even coming back to class after a long hiatus can feel like 'beginning again'.

We all have to start (or restart) somewhere.

To give ourselves the permission to actually be a beginner.

To be receptive to the state of being in 'not knowing' awhile.

Learning to be ok with all the 'moves', names, poses, practices being something we will learn over time, in our own good time.

To be kind to ourselves & be patient with the process.

Yoga IS a practice.

Yes, it does get more doable; more familiar; that bit more comfortable & even relaxing & FUN.

However, it will not necessarily 'make sense' or be 'easy-peasy' or 100% enjoyable for awhile.

And Yoga always remains a practice; as in, it only helps us if we do it; it only 'works' if we actually practice the practice!


Be patient with yourself & be patient with the practice.

There is no 'end-point' or 'goal'; other than coming along to class, stepping onto our Yoga mats & bringing some ease, flexibility, balance & strength into our bodies, minds & spirits.

Know too that you are not alone in perhaps feeling a little awkward, or ill-at-ease or perturbed! We've all been there.

Recently, a woman who was coming to a specific closed-group course I recently taught told me after her 5th class that she NOW loved it, really enjoyed it & was beginning to 'get Yoga'.

But up til then, it sure had been a challenge for her she said; it wasn't easy for her & she really needed to keep motivating herself to come along.

That is something to remember - we need to turn up & that might be the hardest but also most important part, the crucial 'habit' to get into & stick with.

Turning up.

For yourself.

We humans can be very demanding & impatient, both with ourselves & with new experiences.

We can have expectations that are not rooted necessarily in reality but in illusions, guesses or assumptions.

We also 'give up' too soon.

Imagine going to a restaurant, having say just one not-so-great meal & deciding not that that was a one-off experience, as in, we had one 'dud' meal, but that FOOD ITSELF wasn't for you!

Based on that one meal, in that one place, that one day.

That would be a bit daft no?

EveryDay Yoga IE classes may well not be for you.

I can't say that they are or will be.

That is up to you.