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Beginning Yoga - What Class To Try?

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Help on deciding which Yoga class to sign up for.

Gentle Yoga? Mellow Yoga Flow?

Read on...

You've decided to finally try this Yoga malarkey!

Good for you.

Coming to class for the first time can feel a bit daunting.

We've all been there.

Even coming back to class after a long hiatus can feel like 'beginning again'.

We all have to start (or restart) somewhere.

To give ourselves the permission to actually be a beginner.

To be receptive to the state of being in 'not knowing' awhile.

Learning to be ok with all the 'moves', names, poses, practices being something we will learn over time, in our own good time.

To be kind to ourselves & be patient with the process.

Yoga IS a practice.

Yes, it does get more doable; more familiar; that bit more comfortable & even relaxing & FUN.

However, it will not necessarily 'make sense' or be 'easy-peasy' or 100% enjoyable for awhile.

And Yoga always remains a practice; as in, it only helps us if we do it; it only 'works' if we actually practice the practice!

Be patient with yourself & be patient with the practice.

There is no 'end-point' or 'goal'; other than coming along to class, stepping onto our Yoga mats & bringing some ease, flexibility, balance & strength into our bodies, minds & spirits.

Know too that you are not alone in perhaps feeling a little awkward, or ill-at-ease or perturbed! We've all been there.

Recently, a woman who was coming to a specific closed-group course I recently taught told me after her 5th class that she NOW loved it, really enjoyed it & was beginning to 'get Yoga'.

But up til then, it sure had been a challenge for her she said; it wasn't easy for her & she really needed to keep motivating herself to come along.

That is something to remember - we need to turn up & that might be the hardest but also most important part, the crucial 'habit' to get into & stick with.

Turning up.

For yourself.

We humans can be very demanding & impatient, both with ourselves & with new experiences.

We can have expectations that are not rooted necessarily in reality but in illusions, guesses or assumptions.

We also 'give up' too soon.

Imagine going to a restaurant, having say just one not-so-great meal & deciding not that that was a one-off experience, as in, we had one 'dud' meal, but that FOOD ITSELF wasn't for you!

Based on that one meal, in that one place, that one day.

That would be a bit daft no?

EveryDay Yoga IE classes may well not be for you.

I can't say that they are or will be.

That is up to you.

And you won't know that til you try.

I would suggest (for your benefit) trying Yoga more than once & trying more than one 'type' of class if you can; whether that is with EveryDay Yoga IE or with other teachers/studios/places.

There really usually is a Yoga for 'everybody'.

Take a look at the reviews for EveryDay Yoga Ireland on Google My Business, that information there might help you decide.

These reviews are from real people who come to class & they are perhaps the best-informed people to help you make up your mind.

We also need to bear in mind that we 'take ourselves with us'.

So if we arrive into class, cranky, tired & a bit fed up, well, how our class goes is more up to us than anything taught during class.

Are we going to let our day go & actually be receptive to the practice?

Can we get mindful, cultivate awareness & actually let our class/practice help us?

Can we, like the woman mentioned above, be ok with the practice being 'uncomfortable' or a bit discombobulating & still being willing to give it a go?

Now to be balanced about it, I must also mention two new brand-new-to-Yoga Yogis who started coming along to class of late & from their very first classes, took to the practice like ducks to water, had fun & are loving learning about Yoga.

We just don't know til we try Yogis!

That is a very valid real experience that could also be yours!

Being aware that we may well fall somewhere in the middle of these experiences is maybe a more likely occurrence.

Why not explore the possibilities now?

What are you waiting for?

Maybe you also need to factor in whether you are a morning person?

An evening person? When do you have free time?

Do you need to relax more, have some quiet time & let go of tension as opposed to getting into the deepest back-bend known to living humanity?

In that case, maybe try a gentler slower class.

Do you feel like you need to get up & about & moving & help 'undo' some of the sitting you do for work all day, every day?

Then maybe try one of the more energetic flow classes.

Think realistically about what it is you CAN commit to, based on your usual schedule & personal preferences.

Sometimes the most suitable class for us is ultimately the one we know we can get to each week, without stressing/rushing, over-scheduling ourselves &/or being late all the time.

Knowing all this, you still need to figure out what class to try & when they're on!

The most suitable classes right now that I would suggest both for Beginners & returning-after-a-long-break-Yogis are as follows:

Monday - Gentle Yoga @ 7:00pm

Tuesday - Morning Hatha Yoga @ 7:30am

There are 3 other Live Zoom classes on too & remember all classes are also available to practice with 'On-Demand' via the EDYI TV Channel

Wednesday - Morning Prana Power @ 7:30am

Thursday - Evening Yoga Flow @ 6:30pm

Saturday - Mellow Yoga Flow @ 9:30am

There are now so many kinds & types & brands & lineages out there in Yogaland.

The EveryDay Yoga Ireland classes are rooted in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga as well as Accessible Yoga.

Yoga is Yoga.

Classes are classes - they are not 'bootcamps', 'challenges', or 'workouts'.

There's a time & place for everything Yogis - so we don't 'run' around our mats or try to make Yoga into something other than Yoga.

Classes do vary from week to week; sometimes more standing Poses; sometimes more focus on hips; sometimes more focus on stretching/strengthening our backs.

Some classes will be bit 'pacier'; some a little slower/steadier.

Our bodies & our heads need variety so do occasionally switch' classes & you might be surprised at the benefits.

Sometimes we might focus a little more on breath-work (Pranayama) & on relaxation/meditation.

Try & keep an open mind & an open heart.

The class day & time information mentioned above is viewable on the homepage of the website; just scroll down a little & you'll see the Class Schedule window that you can tab across & search by day/time:

The information on the Class Passes/prices/booking in as well as info/descriptions on the different Yoga classes, how to book, & more is all available online.

Under Class Selections on the Book Online page, you can click Read More, & you'll get a little more class specific information:

You can opt for one of the Class Passes or Zoom along as a Drop-In.

Once you’ve enrolled (the Zoom link will be in your class booking confirmation e-mail), just Zoom along on the given day/time a few minutes early for your class, with your Yoga mat & props ready there with you.

Dress in comfortable clothing that lets you move; layers are best.

Please message or e-mail with any queries you may have.

Advance booking only.

Many thanks & look forward to 'seeing' you in class sometime soon.

Be ok with being a Beginner...

Remember everyone who practices Yoga has been where you are...

Sign up & try Yoga 🙏🏽


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